Over the years, I have determined which dietary therapy works best for the individual -- not necessarily based on their diagnosis (though that can help direct me) but based on their history, their coexisting symptoms and other factors that can help me to determine the best place to start.  

I work with a number of different dietary therapies, including:

*  Autoimmune Protocol

*  Specific Carbohydrate Diet 

*  Histamine intolerance


*  Low histamine/Biphasic diet

*  SIBO Specific and SIBO Biphasic dietary approaches

*  Paleo approach

*  Sulfur intolerance

*  Salicylate and chemical intolerance

*  Vegan diets

*  Oxalate intolerance

​I try to help you find a place to start or a place you haven't yet considered.  More importantly, I try to do everything I can to expand the diversity of your diet by always keeping an eye on the underlying cause of your food sensitivity.