I have been working with those with MCAS for the last 10 years and have extensive in experience helping those with symptom management.  

The challenge in treating MCAS is that every person is different in what is triggering their responses, be it food, environment, stress, trauma, the microbiome, hormones, and more.  

This can make it a challenging condition to treat for both the practitioner and client.   I can facilitate guidance with medications, supplementation, and helping you to determine triggers and, with time, help to build a tolerance to more food options.  That is always the goal.

This is not an overnight process and takes months, even years to strike a level of balance.  I consider myself not one who can provide a cure for your MCAS (though will look to identify underlying causes driving the hyper-vigilant immune system), but rather, a guide -- one with whom you can have an in-depth conversation on the topic and, perhaps, point you in a direction that you might not yet have considered.