Histamine Intolerance is about much more than eliminating high histamine foods from your diet.  

While removing foods high in histamine can help to calm your symptoms, know that there are reasons you have to eliminate so many foods in order to feel good.  

How do you figure this out for yourself?  And, more importantly, what can you do about it?

The SHEDD Assessment is a program hosted by Heidi Turner, Integrative RDN that takes you through the five areas that commonly drive Histamine Intolerance:





And, finally...



Every one has different reasons for why their body won't tolerate histamines in foods.

This video series guides you to consider your own, personal story and how each of these aspects plays into your histamine-mediated symptoms.  


 Here's what's covered...


 Video presentation taking you through each aspect of the SHEDD Assessment with professional commentary and guidance by your host, Heidi Turner, Integrative RDN, who has spent over 15 years working with Histamine Intolerance



The multiple, underlying drivers of Histamine Intolerance and why it can be tricky to manage



Management guidelines ranging from basic to more complex, depending on where you're at in your personal HIT journey



Supplemental and testing recommendations



 What you can do on your own and when to seek professional guidance



Do you have MCAS or HIT?



Guided meditations for grounding and food fear


Trusted resources to direct you to additional help, when needed

Price: $68




 This program is ideal for those with the following conditions:


Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Multiple allergies

Histamine intolerance

Long-COVID symptoms

Intensification of symptoms with menopause

Multiple food and environmental intolerances

Chronic pain

Chronic fatigue

Chronic digestive issues

​Anyone with a chronic inflammatory condition that is unresolved 





And more courses are on the way in 2022!

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Take a deep dive into what's driving your Histamine Intolerance