Sulfur Intolerance

This class is directed to professionals but would be fine for anyone looking to learn at a

higher level of understanding

Have you been working one elimination strategy after another without any change to how you feel? 

Do you feel worse on a high protein, Paleo type of diet?

Do you complain of a multitude of symptoms that are neurological (headaches, brain fog, pain, anxiety) and gastrointestinal (heartburn, diarrhea or constipation, bloat), among others like skin or urinary tract inflammation?

If you have some or many of these symptoms, excess hydrogen sulfide gas in the system

could be the culprit. 

In this hour-long presentation, you will :

*  The importance of sulfur and hydrogen sulfide gas including metabolism and functions  *

*  Dietary and supplemental sources of sulfur  *

*  How to identify and manage sulfur intolerance including dietary and supplemental strategies  *

*  How to rebuild the diet back (and even reduce other dietary intolerances!)  *

*  Underlying drivers that might lead to sulfur intolerance  *

*  Testing considerations  *

*  Case studies that help you to learn thought processes that can help with your own 
assessment and plan  *

​*  Resources and references to support your practice  *

Cost:  US$49