Oxalate Toxicity


Are oxalates getting in the way
of your treatment success?

While directed to professionals, this course would be appropriate for non-professionals looking to

increase their understanding of oxalate toxicity.

Oxalate toxicity can contribute to a multitude of systemic inflammatory issues including joint pain, neurologic conditions, gastrointestinal complaints and more.

It can also get in the way of successfully treating conditions like SIBO, fungal overgrowth, mold toxicity and inflammatory arthritis, among other conditions.

I have treated hundreds of patients with oxalate toxicity and bring experience and insight into how to both identify and treat this complex toxin.

Here's what to expect in this 2 hour course!

What oxalates are including how they are created and metabolized

Underlying factors that drive oxalate toxicity

How to manage dietary and supplemental oxalate elimination

How to support healthy oxalate metabolism

How to manage oxalate detoxification, or dumping

What underlying issues could be impacting oxalate toxicity

How other food intolerances might improve by identifying oxalate toxicity

Case studies to help guide your assessment process

The course is fun, informative and you will finish with a strong sense of how to move forward

with this highly complex condition!

Cost:  US$20