The Top 10 Reasons Why

You're Only Tolerating 10 Foods

Expand the diversity of your diet by considering the 10 most common causes

that lead to severe food intolerance!

Has your diet been whittled down to just a few foods with

little hope of adding more?

My clients come to me to help them break free of their dietary chains and to help them to resolve their extreme food intolerances.

But an overactive immune system can get in the way of adding more foods back into the diet

-- which can be a challenging thing to overcome.

So, the question is...

How do you calm your immune system so that your body is more 

willing to accept more food?

I wish I had the perfect answer, pill, diet and/or supplement for you...but it's not that easy.
 Because every one of us is unique and we all have different reasons.  


Fortunately, we all have a common thread -- it's just a matter of knowing where to look and taking the time to create a practice for yourself that speaks to what's driving

YOUR food intolerance.

Over the years, I have realized multiple players that feed into severe food intolerance and have created a top 10 list that looks at each of these.

Somewhere on the list, there's an answer for you -- whether it's just one piece of the puzzle ...

or all 10!

And once you identify where you need to focus, I provide resources and actionable steps that can get you started on the road to adding more foods back into your diet!

​Cost:  $20